The Wealthy Investor Announces New Video Series on How to Trade Stocks in a Market Pullback

Most retail investors love trading stocks when the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S & P 500 indexes are both upward trending. However, markets are not always upward trending. When markets or indexes turn bearish, large institutional investors profit while retail investors often stumble. 

“Retail investors can hedge against their portfolios the same way institutions do when you have the right financial education,” says Tyrone Jackson, creator of The Wealthy Investor program. Jackson is known for teaching retail investors how to participate in the U.S. stock market just like institutional investors. 

Most bear markets last less than 120 days. Frequently they are caused by negative economic catalysts that impact future corporate revenues. Once the threat caused by a negative catalyst is removed, stock markets around the world retrace quickly.

In a brand new video series, Tyrone Jackson, the Wealthy Investor, introduces retail investors to ideas that will help them trade during a stock market pullback or bear market. During a pullback, it is common knowledge that institutional stock market traders use a combination of both put options and spreads when stocks decline.  

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Source: The Wealthy Investor