The Wealthy Investor Releases a New Podcast on Choosing Tech Stocks

In today's stock market, technology stocks are extremely popular. However, just because a company's name is familiar doesn't mean that its stock is going to make for a good trade or investment.

Tyrone Jackson, creator and founder of The Wealthy Investor program says, "All too often, tech stocks are lumped into one category. However, in today's stock market, tech stocks encompass wireless services, financial services and online payment credit card processing companies, to name a few. As traders and investors, when we talk tech, we must be specific."

With over 20 years of experience, Tyrone Jackson is viewed as one of the most respected stock market educators in the digital trading community. Jackson has over 60,000 Facebook followers and 50,000 YouTube subscribers and has been featured on and

In episode 156 of the Trading Stocks Made Easy podcast, Jackson discusses how to successfully trade and invest in tech stocks using The Wealthy Investor system. Listen to episode 156 of the Trading Stocks Made Easy podcast by going to

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Successful retail investors agree that, without the right financial education, they will never know the next tech stocks that have what it takes to go higher in the stock market.

Source: The Wealthy Investor